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Gili Gede Overview Part 1

Posted by tezza on 29/6/2019 at 01:20

Inspired by a TRAVELFISH NEWLETTER feature on G GEDE, I decided to use 10 daysafter LADY T went home from our annual BALI trip (she missed hergrandkids) to check it out - helped by learning GILI FAST BOAT nowruns one of the speedy (albeit expensive) craft from SERANGAN nearKUTA BALI to the pier opposite their KOKOMO resort via NUSASLEMBONGAN and PENIDA. I’m over the slog up to PADANGBAI for theslow ferry to LEMBAR and didn’t fancy the onward hassle of reachingGEDE.

GILI GEDE is located in the south of the big bay on approach to LEMBAR slow ferry port in south-west LOMBOK. The many islands here are best called thesouth-west Gilis to distinguish from TRAWANGAN, AIR and MENO,Lombok’s north-west Gilis.

GILI means “small island”. but by my standards GEDE’s medium sized – I don’t regard places like NEWGUINEA and SUMATRA as big islands; they are “huge islands” - to me a big island is a place like BALI, PHUKET or KO CHANG: a smal lisland something like NUSA CENINGAN or KO LAOLIANG

GEDE is roughly rectangular, elongated on a slightly tilted north-south axis(4.25kmxav.0.8) with a pronounced 1km peninsula half way up the westcoast. It’s circumference is about 13km and the nearest point to the mainland is less than 1km.

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Posted by tezza on 29/6/2019 at 01:28

You can walk aroundthe southern half on paths, the north via the beaches. I didn’t trythe far half of the west peninsula. There are no cars but plenty ofmotos. 3 lakes/lagoons/swamps (2 tidal) take about 20% of the area.Mozzies and other pests were no problem. Wet season may differ.
GEDE is quite hillyin parts. A signposted track aboutv800m north of the pier leads20mins to a viewpoint with best outlooks west. Slopes moderate.
Major activities arefishing, cattle, goats and chickens in that order, although tourismis becoming increasingly important. Population of a few thousand isspread over 5 villages and a couple of smaller settlements. Thefriendly locals are Muslim so there are no dogs (yay!!!), butsurprisingly few cats (maybe not compatible with the free rangechickens). All resorts seemed to have booze but I wouldn’t be doingany skinny-dipping.
BEACHES – sandruns most of the east coast, around the north end and halfway downthe west side. But you won’t write home to mum about the beaches(although they are a step up on the north-west Gilis)– fairly thin(most disappeared at full high tide around this FULL MOON king tideperiod), largely covered in coral debris and with plenty of rubbishat the storm-tide mark. Best beach was in the north-east where thenew VILLA SELALU did some sand grooming with similar outsidemid-east’s KOKOMO/adjacent FLOWER PARADISE near the pier plusTHAMARIND and neighbours abt 1km south. There are small patches inother areas.But here’s thething – if you want to find a patch of deserted sand away from fulltide, there are kms of it.

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Posted by tezza on 29/6/2019 at 01:44


Water quality and coral/fish were similarly underwhelming and best off THAMARIND. Want reasonable snorkeling? Take one of the excursions to nearby GIL ILAYAR or better still go stay there as I did for 4 nights.

RESORTS - over a dozen places to stay – more soon. Seems the southern end of the island has long been popular with mainland visitors with the fastboat giving a boost to newer places further north. I stayed at 2 –FLOWER PARADISE and TAMARIND and called in at most others. This is what I found: BEST SUNRISE – all the east coast resorts had great views of SOL rising just south of RINJANI (late June). BEST SUNSET – VIA VACARE and HULA HOOP on a low cliff just west of the main (central) village had neat sitting platforms with great views nw over sunset and G LAYER that time of year. MOST FUNKY –PAPAYA across the other side of the central western peninsula looked suitably new age. Also a couple of the places down in the south-east village like THE BEACH and TANJUNGAN BUKIT looked different and appealing. LEAST CROWDED –most places seemed to have few guests in this shoulder season. Both my places had only me one night each and never went above 20%. MARINA DEL RAY just south of TAMARIND appeared closed (much building of accommodation at the actual marina in the far south) and that area’s SECRET ISLAND RESORT definitely closed (owner very ill). LOWEST TRANSFER COSTS FROM THE PIER – can be important for budget travelers withmore distant resorts charging upwards of 100k each way by boat (packyer stuff in plastic – can get wet). Pier-adjacent KOKOMO andFLOWER PARADISE best of course. TAMARIND charged only 20k and seemed to have very good prices for land-boat transfers from all around the mainland incl. LEMBAR.

CAMPING – bottom budget travelers will find an expansive free camping area on the hill between the pier and TAMARIND with great views towards LEMBAR .Amenities here seem to have been gutted. The map shows another areas outh of TAMARIND but this was bushed-over.

CONSTRUCTION CAPERS– lotsa new stuff going in. As said MARINA DEL RAY in the south was putting in new accommodation, a fancy clubhouse with pool and more. The marina caters to outside yachties wanting a LESSER SUNDA ISLANDS home anchorage/call-in. The pier already featured over 20craft.

Nearby Aussie Nigelwas constructing some high-end villas (V BAKAO) and was particularlyproud of his anti-earthquake footings and teak+stone fit-out.

But the big Kahuna was just north of the main central village where a large area of west coast swamp was being filled in with spoil from the nearby hillside – a Singaporean group plans A MULTI BED RESORT plus VILA OMBOK of GTRAWANGAN fame plans a smaller joint just north.

Over the other side of the island some outfit is building villas up the steep hillside just south of the pier.

CONCLUSIONS – this is not a party island like G TRAWANGAN. It’s the perfect place to wander the villages, tracks and beaches, check the sunrises/sunset sand kick back and relax. Hopefully it will remain that way after the new developments open.

NOTE – I’ll do a TRAVELFISH report on nearby G LAYAR asap plus my 2 GEDE resorts on the “INDONESIA ADDITIONS” forum. Also a report with pics and maps on TEZZA’S BEACHES AND ISLANDS when I get time.

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