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Perama shuttle bus has an office at the western end of town immediately next door to the Hot Dog Shop. Some routes have minimum passenger numbers.

Virgin Beach: 35,000 rupiah one way (20 minutes). Departs 09:30, 14:00, 17:00 and returns 10:00, 14:30, 17:30.
Padang Bai: 08:30, 13:00, 16:00; 35,000 rupiah (30 minutes)
Tirta Gangga: 09:00: 75,000 (40 minutes)
Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Airport: 08:30, 13:00, 16:00; 75,000 rupiah (1.5– 2.5 hours)

Perama: Jalan Raya Candi Dasa; T: (0363) 41 114; (0363) 41 115;


There is no official bemo stop in Candi Dasa, but you can flag a passing bemo in either direction. There is no fixed price for foreigners travelling on bemos, so you will have to negotiate.

For onward travel, Amlapura is a major transport hub where buses and bemos depart for destinations further afield.

As a guide, Padang Bai is 30,000 rupiah and takes 30 minutes while Amlapura should be 30,000 rupiah and also takes around 30 minutes. Official local fares are approximately one third of this, and you may be lucky to negotiate a local rate.

Getting around

The ojek drivers we spoke to in Candi Dasa generally (but not always -- check!) charge the same price for a one-way trip as they do for a return, including a reasonable waiting time (that's right no extra). If you make them wait all day or have many stops on your route, please be kind when tipping.

You will need to negotiate, but expect the following as a guide for return fares:
Tenangan: 50,000 rupiah
Virgin Beach: 50,000 rupiah
Tirtagangga / Amlapura tour: 150,000 rupiah
Padang Bai: 50,000 rupiah (one way)
Pura Gua Lawah: 50,000 rupiah (one way)

Ojeks can be hired all day. Prices are negotiable and depend on distances. Expect to pay around 200,000-250,000 rupiah.

Most of Candi Dasa is ideal for cycling, however there is a very steep hill at Bugbug to the west if you are planning on cycling to Virgin Beach.

Good bicycles can be hired from Made Kumis for 25,000 rupiah per day. Ask for a helmet and a lock.

Made Kumis: Jalan Raya Candi Dasa (next door to Asri Shop); T: (0813) 3875 4210;

Perama also have bikes for the same price, but no helmets. Or ask at your hotel or guesthouse.

Perama: Jalan Raya Candi Dasa; T: (0363) 41 114; (0363) 41 115;