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How to get to Sidemen

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Public transport to Sidemen is scarce. If you’re an early riser, green-coloured bemos run between Klungkung and Sidemen transporting locals to the market. Usually it’s all over by 09:00.

A couple of companies around Sidemen advertise shuttle services to different parts of Bali, however we heard that it’s more a pot luck-type situation and there are not really regular services — if four passengers happen to be going to the same destination at the same time, they will charge a ‘shuttle bus’ fee, but really it’s more like a share taxi.

If you are travelling by yourself and can't find anyone to share with, your only other option is to hire a car and driver to take you where you want. Any hotel can assist in sorting this out for you. Expect to pay between 300,000 and 400,000 rupiah for a run to South Bali (Ubud, Kuta etc) more for transport to further afield spots.

Locally motorbikes can be hired from 50,000 rupiah per day.