We think it is important to be transparent regarding any advertising or other income-deriving material displayed on Travelfish.org.

How does Travelfish.org make money?

Travelfish.org derives an income in three primary ways: affiliate commissions, memberships and advertising. While there may be occasional other schemes we try out, these are the three prime earners.

Affiliate relationships

Affiliate relationships are generally where a reader clicks on a link that leads them to a third-party website. If the reader then purchases a product on the destination page (for example, if they book a hotel room or buy a travel insurance policy) then that sale may be tracked back to Travelfish and a commission may be paid to us.

Travelfish.org has active affiliate relationships with a number of providers including (but not restricted to) Agoda, Booking.com, World Nomads, Amazon, Book Depository, GetYourGuide, Exotissimo and the affiliate marketplace Commission Junction. In all cases, all links to affiliates are marked nofollow (as per Google’s suggested best practice). Where appropriate, pages may include disclosure on the specific page, but this is not always the case. Where practical, all affiliate links are marked by a * suffix. This page is linked to from every page on the Travelfish.org site.

Travelfish paid membership

Travelfish paid membership is an annual subscription that allows members access to over 200 PDF guides and discounts on our travel planning consulting services. You can read more about Travelfish Premium here.

How does Travelfish not make money?

Native content

Travelfish.org does not run paid placements, advertorial, sponsored posts or any other form of paid/sponsored placed content whatsoever. All editorial content is written by Travelfish authors completely independently of any kind of commercial matter. You will never read “native content” on Travelfish.org. Ever.

Bodgy SEO schemes

Travelfish.org runs no paid links nor participates in any kind of scheme designed to manipulate search engine positioning. Yes, that includes infographics.

Comps, gratuities, swag and so on

Travelfish pays its own way every time. Without exception. Neither Travelfish.org nor Travelfish.org authors accept any form of complimentary service, discount or other gratuity in return for any form of coverage—positive, negative or in-between. There are no exceptions to this. None. No weasel words here!